Live it to the Full will resume courses in Fall 2013

Past Courses

Home is a Hard LessonMay 2013: Home is a Hard Lesson

What comes to mind when you think of home? Do you think of where you are or where you’re from? Have you ever examined, closely, how you feel about where you’re from? Join Amanda Page for this writing workshop. Learn more »


Home is a Hard Lesson, Part 2June 2013:
Home is a Hard Lesson, Part 2

Examine the domestic landscapes that built us, at times tore us down, and ultimately played the most significant role in who we became. Join Amanda Page for this writing workshop. Learn more »


Walking WoundedMarch 2013: Walking Wounded

If you are feeling lost, disillusioned or hurt as a result of a shift in your faith or by a negative church (or other faith community) experience, this course led by Kathy Escobar and Phyllis Mathis just might be for you. Learn more »


The Iconic Self Online ExperienceFebruary 2013:
The Iconic Self Online Experience

Jen Lee and Phyllis Mathis offer an intimate conversation filled with personal stories and poignant insights that enables you to risk becoming the self you were always meant to be. Learn more »


Peace Love JoyNovember 2012: Peace Love Joy

The uber-talented Aimee Giese will help you on your way to creating, editing, designing and (oh yes!), even ordering your holiday photos! Whether you’re a bumbling beginner or a seasoned shutter whisperer, man, woman, or teen, this course will have something for you. Learn more »


Rose Coloured GlassesOctober 2012:
Rose Coloured Glasses

Searching for the beauty around us through our cameras invites us to be really present in the moment, to be observant and to remember that we never know what is up around the corner. It invites in hope. Join Vivienne McMaster in this search. Learn more »


Ex Good Christian Women's ClubOctober 2012: Ex Good Christian Women’s Club

Are you a women’s ministry dropout? Tired of comparing yourself to an impossible feminine ideal? Perceived as being rebellious or breaking the rules in the circles you are in? Disappointed by the cliche of the Good Christian Woman? Learn more »


Easy iPhoneographySeptember 2012:
Easy iPhoneography

On the go photo capturing and nearly instant editing tools have made iPhones the best thing since point and shoot! The hard part is often deciding which apps to use and then how on earth to use them! Photographer Aimee Giese is your guide. Learn more »


Power PlayJuly 2012:
Power Play: Engaging Your Iconic Self

This new course is a fun, creative, gentle-but-power-packed journey of discovery into the hidden brilliance of your own soul. It’s the key to your more. Receive expert guidance from Life Coach and fellow more-seeker, Phyllis Mathis. Learn more »


Rule-Free PhotographyMid-May 2012:
Rule-Free Photography

Photographer Vivienne McMaster will help you push past fear of not being the “perfect” photographer. You’ll be invited to shake up the rules of how one is supposed to take a picture and to discover the magic of making beautiful mistakes while discovering the creative photo-seeker in you. Learn more »


Monarch butterfliesJanuary 2012: Emerge

How do we emerge from life’s transitions and become more fully ourselves? Join us in January for a four-week, online course led by Liz Lamoreux, Jennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan, and Vivienne McMaster. Learn more »


Growing heartOctober 2011: Dream Tending

Tending your most precious dreams in the midst of life’s transitions is tricky. How do you maintain focus on your dreams? Our second online workshop will be led by Kelly Barton, Michelle Ensminger, & Mishelle Lane. Learn more »