EmergeJoin us in January 2012 for Emerge, a four-week, online workshop led by Liz Lamoreux, Jennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan, & Vivienne McMaster.

Class price is $49 and includes daily posts (Monday through Friday) and weekly activities in mindfulness practices, storytelling and photography to explore your own Emergence. Class begins January 2.

NOTE: Registration for Emerge is now closed. Please consider joining us for one of our upcoming courses.

Course Description

How do we emerge from life’s transitions and become more fully ourselves? Is it possible to be cracked open and made whole at the same time? Some transitions are big and bold life events, while others happen in the quiet moments of daily life. But each has the power to shape us and how we live in the world.

Come along as we share our personal stories of transition and provide you with creative tools to use as you face your own seasons of change. Through writing, photography, and mindfulness practices, we’ll explore the ebb and flow of happiness, the unique power of telling your story, and the beautiful yet precarious process of learning to trust yourself. See what happens when you allow your true self to emerge through creativity.

Supply List

Access to the Live it to the Full website
Journal or notebook
Favorite pen/pencil
Digital camera (any type will do, even a camera phone)
Quiet place for writing and meditation
A way to listen to audio


Liz LamoreuxLiz Lamoreux is the author of the recently published book Inner Excavation: Explore Your Self Through Photography, Poetry, and Mixed Media. She believes that unearthing our stories and sharing them through creating, writing, and community are vital to connecting with the journey that is this life. These days you can often find her learning important life lessons from her one-year-old daughter, but many days she can also be found in her studio surrounded by strips of fabric, vintage buttons and lockets and beads, several idea and poetry journals, and a mug of tea. As a yoga teacher, artist, and writer, she sees creating as a meditative exercise for the spirit and is currently focusing on sharing tools for this inward journey with others through her retreats, blog, etsy shop, and other adventures. To learn more about Liz, visit her website.

Jennifer (Jenna) McGuigganJennifer (Jenna) McGuiggan is a writer, editor, and writing coach living in the rolling hills of Pennsylvania and longing for the sea. To soothe her wanderlust she is working on a collection of essays set at seashores around the world. In 2009 she curated and published Lanterns: A Gathering of Stories, a collaborative collection of prose, poetry, and photography about women in creative community. Jenna created and teaches Alchemy, a series of online writing workshops for creative souls. She also works individually with writers and wish-to-be writers who need a helping hand along their creative paths. This summer she will receive her MFA in creative nonfiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts, which Poets & Writers magazine named the top low-residency program in the country. She blogs at The Word Cellar, which she envisions as a cozy, stone-walled chamber filled with twinkle lights, shelves of stories, nooks of books, and plush armchairs perfect for sharing your tale.

Vivienne McMaster Vivienne McMaster is a photographer who seeks the stories within images. She found photography only 5 years ago after going through a really rough patch in her life and creating images became a way she found her way back to herself. Photography is now her life’s work. She now teaches a variety of classes called the You are Your Own Muse Workshops, helping artful souls dive into their own creative journey through photography. She’ll be leading you in photography prompts and sharing her story in this Live it to the Full adventure. You can find Vivienne sharing photo adventures and other musings at her website and find out about her workshops at the You are Your Own Muse website.