Ex Good Christian Women’s Club (Online)

Are you a women’s ministry dropout? Tired of comparing yourself to an impossible feminine ideal? Perceived as being rebellious or breaking the rules in the circles you are in? Disappointed by the cliche of the Good Christian Woman? Lonely in your quest for freedom and change?

You are not alone!

The Ex Good Christian Women’s Club (Online) is a 4 week course designed to help you stop being a cliche and start being you.

Class price is $79 and includes daily posts (Monday through Friday) and weekly audio reflections. The course also includes information, exercises, practices, dialog with other women, and active, personal support from Phyllis and Kathy.

Course Description

Kathy Escobar and Phyllis Mathis will guide you through a process that will help you:

– navigate the tricky waters of transition, loss, and disorientation – EX

– get off the performance/self-judgment treadmill – GOOD

– discard religious “shoulds” and find spiritual practices that nourish you – CHRISTIAN

– refute the myths and explore the challenges of being a woman – WOMEN’S

– receive support from kindred women on a similar journey – CLUB

– learn incredible insights without having to attend a women’s retreat or meet at a specific time- ONLINE

The Instructors

Kathy Escobar and Phyllis Mathis have many years of experience in creating safe, nourishing places for women and men to heal and grow. We have no religious or ideological agenda, except to create an atmosphere of acceptance, kindness and support.

Kathy EscobarKathy Escobar co-pastors the Refuge, an eclectic faith community in North Denver dedicated to those on the margins of life and faith (www.therefugeonline.org). She journeys with people in hard places as a spiritual director, teacher, and group facilitator. A Pepperdine University graduate, she also has a Masters degree in Management/Organizational Development and a Certificate in Evangelical Spiritual Guidance from Denver Seminary. Kathy is the author of Down We Go: Living into the Wild Ways of Jesus (Civitas Press, 2011).
Phyllis MathisPhyllis Mathis is a long-time spiritual teacher, lay leader, former pastor, Ontological Coach and Licensed Professional Counselor (www.phyllismathis.com) who has been practicing for over 20 years. A seasoned writer, retreat facilitator and a beginning potter, she is the co-creator of the forthcoming course: The Iconic Self (Jen Lee Productions, 2012).